sturgeon marrow-欢乐棋牌平台大全

sturgeon marrow

origin:sichuan, china.

raw material::fresh sturgeon

certification:haccp, ec-certification, fda-certification, iso-9001

guarantee period:1-2 years

storing::only frozen

  • nutrition facts
  • amount per 100g
  • daily value

  • energy
  • 114kj
  • 1%
  • protein
  • 5.67g
  • 10%
  • fat
  • 0g
  • 0%
  • carbohydrate
  • 1.1g
  • 1%
  • sodium
  • 281mg
  • 14%
sturgeon marrow is taken from sturgeon chine of artificially bred adult sturgeon which usually takes about 7 years to grow up. sturgeon meat contains highly in protein and lowly in fat, the contained unsaturated fatty acid omega-3 and hematopoietic vitamin folic acid normally are 3 to 5 times more than it contained in other fish meat. consuming it will help enriching the blood, tonifying qi, good for the kidney, stimulating appetite, clearing heat and detoxicating, etc.. especially good for precaution of osteoporosis and enhancing the immunity of organism.