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breeding bases

good water cultivates good fish. tianquan county from ya’an city and wenxian county from gansu province are elaborately selected as the two main breeding bases of frosista sturgeon brood fish because both of them are located in the area surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters with fresh air and lovely landscapes. the high quality of growing environment for the sturgeon ensures high quality of each fish.


processing factory

with 8 years of elaborate and careful cultivation, the first parent fishes are becoming matured. the male and female sturgeons are raised separately when the fish is 3 months to 3 years’ old. the females are ready to take roes when they are matured, but before that a series of tests shall be conducted. the process of sturgeon caviar requires highly strict working environment, for example the workshop shall be kept at a uniform temperature, the whole process shall be done within fifteen minutes. both scientific technologies and strict requirements ensure the good quality of frosista sturgeon caviar.

professional techniques make profational quality

we have 7 patents, include 2 invention, 5 practical new patents:
zl 2013 2 0570766.4      new hatching equipment
zl 2013 2 0570769.8      roe collection equipment
zl 2013 2 0570771.5      roe clean equipment
zl 2015 2 1029168.6      fry breeding box
zl 2015 2 1028161.8      new oxygen pump protection equipment

international quality management system certification(iso9001:2008) international food safety management system certification(iso22000:2005) certification europe: 5100/02005
fda: 18657620174

professional qa team, most of them have more than 10 years experience.
qa is the most important part in producing to frosista,. we do demanding qa form fry breeding to product caviar
thanks to the excellent quality frosista caviar recieved praises and honours around the world.

national aquatic wildlife conservation association council member
the leader compeny of industrialization of agriculture in sichuan
cooperate with sichuan aquaculture research institute and
sichuan agricultural university
technical team members comes from areas of micro-organism
reserch, freshwater fishery, food processing.
most of them have more than 10 years experience.