english / delicacy-欢乐棋牌平台大全

caviar delicacy


peking duck with caviar

roast beijing duck, frosista caviar


boston lobster

smoked mackerel, frosista caviar,
eggplant, citrus mayo, cress


gillados oyster

caviar, garlic, fennel

sturgeon delicacy


luxury fried plater

frosista caviar, foie gras, truffles, hokkaido scallop,australi


sturgeon oyako sushi

cold smoked sturgeon, frisista caviar, sushi rice

why you chose frosista caviar?

“whether it is good or not depends mainly on the quality and freshness of the caviar. the caviar of frosista is totally to my satisfaction.”

— jack lin, executive chef from century city intercontinental hote

“the quality of frosista caviar is unquestionably good, the rich creamy taste of caviar can not be substituted by other food materials”

— locus hou,chef of steak house from grand hyatt hotel

“very fresh, very good quality, the caviar of frosista is as good as any other caviar around the world.”

— mr chen, executive chef from jinjiang hotel