merry christmas! frosista lightens the christmas eve in intercontinental hotel-欢乐棋牌平台大全

merry christmas! frosista lightens the christmas eve in intercontinental hotel

2019-03-19 17:05    scrunzhao

intercontinental hotel brights in the christmas eve with extraordinarily festive atmosphere, together with hundreds of elite guests coming from various fields, and most importantly exquisite food originates from all over the world, specially with fine quality sturgeoon caviar from frosista impressing everyone at this joyful night.

in fact, sturgeon caviar is not common in most domestic dining environment, and extremely rare even the high-end hotel/restaurant. but this time, frosista brings its top quality sturgeon caviar to intercontinental hotel for christmas eve. it is the secret journey of "sturgeon" which brings a noble and pure sturgeon caviar to the honored guests on the scene.

delicious fresh oysters combined with superior taste of frosista sturgeon caviar certainly keep people enjoying this delicacy. with each pearl burst open like “pop” on the tip tongue, the delicate juice spread over with crisp oyster parcels. the guests rave about the unforgettable experience. with sturgeon caviar embellishing the cream crepe, the black pearl on the soft cake is crystal clear, intertwined with sweet and mellow taste with a little bit of fruit and nutty aftertaste, exactly like the taste of christmas holidays.

the happy atmosphere intensify with the christmas song when the guests get back to the classic collocation of caviar and champagne. the dancing crowd opened the champagne bottle, explore the sturgeon caviar with the shell spoon, or slide the left hand between the thumb and the index finger. that is the very best moment of the feast that rises to the upsurge.

festivities will not end, nor will frosista’s sturgeon caviar trip. we look forward to sharing the secret and mysterious journey with more and more friends who enjoy exquisite and delicate foods.