dating with frosista in china fisheries & seafood expo-欢乐棋牌平台大全

dating with frosista in china fisheries & seafood expo

2017-11-23 17:18    scrunzhao

in late autumn 2017, the season of fish, fish and crab, i learned that there will be a gala event in qingdao, the sacred place beer, which is closely related to the seafood delicacies. there are over 30,000 buyers and suppliers from 80 countries and regions gathered here to explore the business. here, you will have the most opportunities during three days to understand of the latest developments all-round in china's aquatic industry.

in addition to the regular lobster, salmon and other seafood, i found the top three gourmet food caviar brands here and i’d like to share with you their information.

this magnificent booth in contrast with the simple decoration around, stands out crazily and attracted my eyes. it is indeed an aristocrat belonging to the aquatic industry. it was not only known as "sturgeon dragon" in ancient china as royal tribute to the first emperor, but also as a gourmet in europe which has been sought after and existed for thousands of years. surgeon meat is a very precious ingredient, but sturgeon roes has been renowned as "one of the three major delicacies" caviar in the world.


frosista caviar comes from sichuan runzhao fisheries under the brand frosista comes from a very integrated business, from sturgeon breeding to caviar processing with a very complicated and delicate technology. this time, frosista brought it own brands of sturgeon meat and caviar products.

frosista’s expertise introduced us three different types of caviar: acipenser baerii, acipenser schrenckii and the unique species in china acipenser schrenckii*huso dauricus, which is the most unique chinese variety of sturgeon. 

the distinction between taste varies greatly from the species. siberian sturgeon caviar has a pure, memorable light refreshing entrance taste; acipenser schrenckii caviar has a slightly fresh fruit charm taste; and hybrid sturgeon caviar with a creamy, nutty flavor, and long aftertaste. besides, another important factor that determines the taste of caviar is the processing technology. according to reports, frosista hired a master of caviar from iran to instruct the processing respectively. all raw materials and processes are in accordance with international standards.

the booth attracted a large number of audience to visit continuously. offering a great number of "black gold”, the host of frosista was very generous to us to have a try. there is no detailed study on the taste of caviar, but this magical caviar spreads out in the mouth, and even if you are a newcomer to caviar, you can really taste the legendary sea.
after the perfect taste of caviar, i left and set foot on the qingdao seafood trip, what will be my next wonderful encounter?