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cooperation with the century city intercontinental hotel

2017-09-26 15:40    admin

    the business between frosista and the century city intercontinental hotel began much more earlier before the two sides reached a official cooperation. this time we fortunately got a chance to invite their executive chef jack lin to the show, and put an interview with him.

    the hotel locates beside the century city convention center in chengdu high and new technology industrial development zone. when entering into the hotel lobby, people will run into an individual chinese style architecture. this special design implies the traditional chinese culture “the round sky and square earth”. whoever see this will become astonished by it and being deeply attracted with.

    mr lin brings us one classic make of caviar, caviar and russian potato scones. use russian potato scones as the food base, add authentic french sour cream, with free collocation of egg white or egg yolk smash, or minced onion, then decorated it with the sturgeon caviar. an orthodox russian snack is well presented before your face.
the mild and elegant seasonings will help to foil the delicious and fragrant caviar so that the taste of caviar is not oily but still keeping its rich flavour. several food ingredients being blended together, gives a mouthful of hodgepodge of tastes, but still feels mainly the taste of salty caviar, the level of flavors still distinct.