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sesame oil sturgeon soup

2017-09-25 16:52    admin

food materials: 

sturgeon meat        200g

ginger slice            10 pieces

sesame oil             3 spoonful

rice wine               50g

salt                        10g

lycium chinense    10 pieces



     1. ginger being cut into slices, lycium chinense soaked inside the rice wine

     2. put sesame oil into the hot pan, then add ginger slice to fry until the ginger slices turns into golden yellow color and becomes crispy

     3. put sturgeon filet slice into the pan and fry it to about medium well

     4. add water, rice wine, let it cook about 8 mins, then add salt. when it is boiling, add lycium chinense, wait another two mins

     5. out of the pan and dish up