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beijing roast duck with caviar, recommended by century city

2017-09-26 15:48    admin

     main food materials: beijing roast duck, cakes, frosista caviar, green chinese onion, carrot, cucumber, sweet bean sauce

    beijing roast duck is well known around the world as beijing local dish with a long story since the southern and northern dynasties, at that time it was loved as the imperial cuisine. the high quality meat peking duck is baked with charcoal fire so that it has a rosy colour. the meat is fatty but not oily, with outer crispy and inner delicate.

     that is why beijing roast duck is honored as “world cate”. now, the oriental traditional peking duck with a long history meets the western traditional delicious food caviar which also has a long history. a combination of chinese and western elements symbolizes not only the combination of two delicious foods, but also the collision of oriental and western cultures.

     let us go and enjoy a dish of special cuisine which combines more than one thousand of years of chinese and western cultures at century city intercontinental hotel.