luxury fried platter, recommended by dong ying ge from jinjia-欢乐棋牌平台大全

luxury fried platter, recommended by dong ying ge from jinjia

2019-03-19 17:11    admin

    main food materials: frosista caviar, goose liver, truffle, hokkaido grand scallop, australia wagy

    the dong ying ge from jinjiang hotel is the most first japanese restaurant opened in chengdu, even first one in southwest china.

    the boss is a native taiwanese, being usually called by his customers “old chen”. being fully influenced by family tradition of japanese cuisine since born, he becomes the successor in the family. since everyone comes from the family lives on making japanese foods, his techniques are very undoubtedly authentic.

    the story began with his start of tibet trip 25 years ago. when he traveled to chengdu, he became suddenly attracted to beauty of this city. then the idea of opening a japanese restaurant came out with his love of this beautiful tourist stop.


      while stick to the traditional japanese cuisine, he has always been trying some new dishes and new techniques. he is always being in pursuit of renewal, but never to drop the essence of traditional japanese cuisine. all his efforts to cater to our chinese taste never make us missing the enjoy of the essence of japanese foods.

      old chen is very generous to share his recipes with us. we are astonished by his life-long efforts of artisan spirit through these two dishes.

      1.low flame until oil comes out from goose liver, add a little salt and truffle, then self-made some plain sauce
      2.fry the hokkaido grand scallop in the frying pan

      3.bake on the goose liver and scallop with a flame gun

      4.add a spoonful of frosista caviar

      5.put the australia wagy inside the pan, add some bolivia rock salt

      6.wrap the goose liver and scallop with australia wagy piece, taken out from the pan, cut it into two half

      7.finally add another spoonful of frosista caviar, some edible gold foil, then dish up