boston lobster, recommended by the grand hyatt hote-欢乐棋牌平台大全

boston lobster, recommended by the grand hyatt hote

2017-09-26 15:46    admin

      main food materials: boston lobster, frosista caviar, mackerel, eggplant, citrus mayonnaise, bud seedling

      take a bite about the self-made sour cucumber before enjoying the delicious lobster, the refreshing sour is helpful to stimulate your appetite. the ketchup made from eggplant powder will bring you the very special flavor.


      take a mouthful of lobster and caviar together, with the crack of sturgeon roes filled inside your mouth, the flavor of both fresh and salty blended together gives you a feeling that you are suddenly surrounded by a vast blue sea.
      such a wonderful recipe can only comes out from a master chef’s hand!