acipenser baerii caviar-欢乐棋牌平台大全

acipenser baerii caviar

acipenser baerii caviar

origin:sichuan, china.

low salinity:3.5%

egg diameter:over 3.0mm

color:from medium to dark brown

flavor:pure with nutty, creamy flavor

certification:haccp, ec-certification, fda-certification

guarantee period:10 days (10g) / 30 days (30g, 50g)

storing:only refrigerated (- 2 ℃ ~ 2 ℃)

specification:10 g / 30 g / 50 g

  • nutrition facts
  • amount per 100g
  • daily value

  • energy
  • 13%
  • 1078kj
  • protein
  • 39%
  • 23.2g
  • fat
  • 28%
  • 16.5g
  • carbohydrate
  • 1%
  • 4.3g
  • sodium
  • 62%
  • 1240mg

acipenser baerii caviar

originates from siberian area of russia, it is currently farmed in france, germany and china, etc. this specie can live more than 20 years , with the weight over 15 kg, and matures in the 7th to 8th year. as broad-temperature ground fish, it can be highly resistant to coldness. there are semi-migratory, river-type and lake-type three type of ecological groups.
naturally found in the ob river to the korima river between the siberian rivers, yenisi river, lena river, camp girka river, yana river, hartan river. and it also found in china's xinjiang irtysh river.

frosista acipenser baerii caviar is made from siberian sturgeon roes that over eight years old. its color is mostly brown, gray and black, egg diameter is over 3.0 mm, flavor is pure, with light and refreshing aftertaste.